Check the Drastic Change - Post Covid-19 Accra Mall in Pictures on Weekend


The Accra Mall has always been a very busy place. It used to be a super busy place prior to Covid-19. There was never a day one entered the mall without seeing people from all walks of life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the number of people trooping to the place appears to have changed drastically compared to what used to be.

As to whether it is the removal of some of the seats infront of Shoprite and around the Silverbird Cinema for window shoppers that is responsible for this or not or the sheer case of caution as a result of Covid-19, one cannot tell.

As observed the usual busy place appears to be a little deserted. Only a handful of shoppers were seen around.

Inasmuch as Covid-19 and it's attendant precautionary measures may have played a role, it is also likely it's because students are still in school for which reason the place appears less busy as usual.

On the other hand popular shops such as Shoprite and Game had quite an appreciable number of shoppers with them.

It appears then that the place by reason of precautionary measures against Covid-19 has indirectly been reduced to shoppers only.