3 Things Ladies Enjoy In Men (Opinion)


Not much literature has been written about women's fleshly desires, and even indirect desires, some of which they don't even know about. It's almost like we don't prioritize women's desires and joys, we usually focus too much on men, the things they like and find attractive in women, and so on. Women are human just like men, they also have desires and tastes, they have things they like and that they find attractive in men, and things that upset them. We have to start realizing all of this if we succeed in reducing the percentage of divorces and homes destroyed in our community.

I realize a little of the inherent importance of women's preferences and that explains why I wrote this article to explain things that women like in men, things they like and are attractive to men who But you can't say. In this article, I'm going to show you four things women love about men that you probably won't tell us about.


This is the first thing women love about men, but they might not tell you. If you are very sensitive, you may have noticed how women like to hang out around guys who are really cute. They don't have to be very attractive or well-built, as long as they have a great sense of humor, women will always be around them. Women are usually overwhelmed with different thoughts, friends who offended them, tasks that still need to be done, family members to contact, customers to pass on, and so on. Lots of different thoughts and they usually take the time just to laugh and get a few things off their breasts. This explains why women enjoy humor in men as it helps them relieve stress.


This is another thing women love about men, but they can't tell you. How women measure responsibility in men is usually different. You measure it by owning your own home, owning your own car, owning a job, paying bills, caring for mature and successful friends, and so on. This is how women measure responsibility in men and they enjoy it.


Women also love it when a man can make his own decisions, when he doesn't have to call his friends or parents before making a decision, or when he doesn't let other people's opinions influence his decisions. Women usually see this type of man as masculine and enjoy that quality in them.

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