Azimio Chants Rocks UDA governor Campaign, Forces Him To Pass Without Stopping (Video)

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The war of numbers and ideas will highly define this year's general elections and as it is seen, the political Bigwigs are having moments in beating each other and showing their political muscles.

But today, the united democratic association party gubernatorial aspirant in narok faced a lot of rejection from his people after they forced him to pass without stopping for acknowledging their greetings.

In the video, the charged crowds could be heard chanting the names of azimio and telling the aspirant not to stop as they did not want to listen to him.

"Just pass, we do not want to hear anything. Azimio, azimio," the crowd shouted.

The governor aspirant passed without any word or disturbing the crowd which was carrying the maasai tools.

This comes even as Ruto himself has pulled a larger crowd in Nyeri that has left people comparing him to Martha Karua who has been campaigning there for the past one week.

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