Latest Presidential Poll Shows between Ruto and Raila who is likely to win in the coming elections.

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As the electioneering period nears, many politicians are trying to persuaded the electorates to vote for them. The top most elective post that is the presidency, have of late been the talk of the town as the followers of both Raila Odinga and Dp William Ruto are trying to outsmart each other in regards to the popularity of their presidential aspirants .

A presidential opinion poll have been conducted by one of the top gazette in the country, that is The Star. According to the poll results, it is evident that the deputy president is still the most likely presidential candidate to win the August 2022 general election with a massive votes of about 46.1% of the total votes according to the poll results.

The former prime minister came second according to the poll results with a total of 35.1% of the total votes, a result which the followers of the former prime minister Raila Odinga strongly refuted terming it a fake one.

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