5 Power Pack Prayers That Will Drive The Devil Away From Your Life


God knows all your needs including your spiritual needs however, he will hardly answer it until you pray. I want to let you know five power pack prayers that will drive the devil away from your life.

The main intent of these prayers is to make the devil less potent in dealing with you. Many great men of God do use these power pack prayer strategies and it has worked for them and you are fortunate to get to know of it.

Stay cool. It is time to drive the devil from your life. This is going to give you freedom from his traps, his arrows directed towards you and all other prosecutions

You first need to have the word of God on your lips since, the devil is afraid of God's words. Do you remember how Jesus Christ was able to overcome the pranks of the devil? He used the words of God! Hallelujah! The devil doesn't want to get near to God's words. Let's see the power pack prayers below.

1. Prayer Of Forgiveness

One way the devil can make you less powerful is to constantly accuse you of your sins. He tells you that, "a sinner like you doesn't deserve to be God's child and if you give in to his lies, he gets the opportunity to destroy". On the other way round, no matter the magnitude of your sins, know that Jesus died on the cross for your sake to justify you. Jesus said, he didn't come for the righteous ones but for sinners like us. Jesus said, anyone who confesses his or her sins and believes that He is the son of God, will be saved.

Therefore, anytime you pray that God should forgive you your sins, the devil gets scared of you because, he has no avenue to accuse you again. God will always forgive you your sins when you pray for forgiveness of sin.

2. Assurance Prayer

This is a principled prayer and it is meant for only those that have faith. Yes, don't pray this prayer is you don't have faith. This same devil comes around convincing you that, you that, there is no way your prayers will be heard. God is also expecting you to be and have faith that your prayers will be heard. As soon as the devil realizes that you have faith in God, he leaves your life and go.

3. Prayer For The Holy Spirit

Jesus, when he was about to ascend to heaven, he said, I'm not leaving you alone however, I will send you the helper; that is, the Holy Spirit. Yes, praying for God's holy spirit to fill you and be with you always, gives the devil no chance to come nearer to you.

4. In The Name Of Jesus

The last type of prayer and the most important of them all. The devil just don't want to hear Jesus' name. Anytime you pray, don't forget to add "in the name of Jesus Christ" because, that is the prayer that God listens the most. We call the devil antichrist meaning, he is against Christ.

Therefore since Christ has authority over everything including the devil himself, anytime you pray in Jesus' name, he flee away from your life.

I believe these are going to help you in the walk of your life.

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