The Executive Only Has 134 Rands Left In Her Account:Kgosi Has Finished Her #Skeem Saam

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The Executive only has 134 Rands in her account ,kgosi has finished her


Skeem Saam is becoming the most very entertaining show ever yet it is very educational at the same time .

The characters which are being portrayed by Skeem saam are very real and true because it is exactly what is happening in our everyday lives.

Eunice receives the shock of her life after she came back home very drunk.

I'm the morning when she checked her balance she found that she only has 134 .

She has blew it already and asking where her money went meanwhile she knows very well that she has been living a life style of partying.

Things are very hectic for her.

Eunice will regret everything she did since now her secret is known by Clement and Mantuli.

If Clement doesnt know how to keep quiet than she must consider her secret out.

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