Ghana Make Hot. Watch As Nurses Jammed Into Lottory Sticking(pictures).


Ghana is indeed hot as the the prices of items are running massively like an athlete's. A lot of Ghanaians are complaining about the transport fares . Food stuff in the market has jumped huge into higher prices.

Now, into days Ghana due to the economic hardship people are moving from all walks life to and fro in order to seek for their daily bread.

Aside all these complications within the economy of Ghana, the sun has also become too scorchy giving another pressure to the citizens who moves up and down in search of doing something.

At times one get to be much envious about the occupation of the others. That is to the perception of others, they think their salaries are of higher amount. But truly no where is cool.

Sticking of lotto is at times tagged against some group of people. But the picture is different altogether. Below is a picture of some great proffessional worker who has jabbed massively into the sticking of lotto.