Video: Ghanaian Missing Children Found In Benin.


The number of children who have gone missing has recently increased. There are tragic stories of children who go missing and are later discovered dead, with some vital organs removed. A child went missing this week, and he was tragically beheaded. This is rapidly escalating into a major problem. Many young people have turned to shortcuts to riches because of their need for wealth. Before their ritual money can be initiated, some of them are asked to give a child as a sacrifice.

Two young ladies were caught harboring close to 15 children in what appears to be Benin, which they could not possibly give birth to due to the age gap between the children. They were asked where they got all the children in the video, but they couldn't provide any concrete reasons for getting so many in the building.

This is not a day care center, so these children do not belong to the parents who have entrusted them with their children. They don't tend to nannies as well. There is strong evidence that these children were stolen from their parents.

When they learned they were being filmed, they declined to say anything, so the motivation behind their idea was never shown in the video. Since Benin is closer to Ghana, it's likely that some of these children are Ghanaians. Please spread the word about this post. You have the choice of returning a child to his or her rightful parents.