Bad News To Azimio La Umoja Supporters As Raila Reveals What He Might Do Before Elections

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Political tension has really built up in the country as politicians go through a moment of increased push and pull. Raila Odinga is among the politicians who are still doubting their confidence in entering the 2022 battle ring. This comes after what he said in Homa Bay as he hinted on withdrawing from presidential race.

Raila said that the low voter registration in Homa Bay county has really threatened him. This happens as statistics reveal that the registration turn out in the region is very low and this triggers panic among them. Raila said that the people who have turned out are 1.5 million yet he was targeting 6 million by the end of the registration period.

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"We keep telling them to register but they don't want to. They keep asking us how it will help them. I am outside the government, if you don't want me to continue my quest, I will just leave it. Do you want me to drop out of the race? Do you? If you don't, please register as voters," said Raila.

Raila expressed a lot of worries in his presidential bid suspecting his people don't want him to win.

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