"HBD" Rib-cracking Action Taken By Renown Flame Tv Founder During His Time At UON in 2011 Shared

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Okung Ndege Serikal, commonly known as bishop of hope is celebrating his 34th birthday today. Friends, fans and relatives have penned down happy birthday wishes to him as he begins a new year in his life.

Okung Ndege Serikal

While wishing him a happy birthday, Nipashe Campus Flavour has shared a bold step taken by Okung Ndege Serikal together with other students whike studying at University of Nairobi.

It was noted that in 2011, the then UON vice chancellor denied comrades a bus to go and bury their fellow comrade. Comrades hijacked a Citi hoppa bus and took the dead body to the vice chancellor's village in Siaya ready to bury him in the Vice Chancellor's rural home. They did as they had planned but the Vice Chancellor sent a voice message to his mother identified as Mildred, informing her that they should stop the burial. He then released four buses.

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Happy birthday Bishop of Hope.

What is your view concerning this action taken by Okung Ndege Serikal in company of other comrades? Drop your opinion.

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