Do You Know Him? He Doesn't Speak But Can Hear, Kindly Report To A Nearby Police Station

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It has been seen in most cases the incidences of children getting lost in the country for along period of time.Today from the latest report from Ma3route news,it was revealed that a child by the name Maxwell Omondi has just gone missing and the report given to the police officers.

The boy was seen last today morning wearing jeans,crocks and shirt stripped white and black.From the disclosed information,it was reported that he does not speak but can hear what someone is saying.Kenyans are now told to kindly report to a nearby police station when they come across him or hear any hint of his whereabout.

It is now much alarming on how the case of children getting lost has been becoming much rampant in the country.The government through its relevant body authorities should therefore be much strict and find the exact causes of these scenarios and take a serious action against these individuals in behind these incidences.

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