Having Trouble With Yeast Infection, These Two Steps Will Help You


Here are two easy ways to ensure that you don't get a yeast infection:

1. Eat foods that contain probiotics

Probiotics are the bacteria that are important for a healthy immune system. They are referred to as good bacteria. Foods such as yoghurt contain excellent levels of probiotics. Yoghurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. Consuming foods that are rich in probiotics is great for the digestive system due to their ability to prevent yeast infections. The good bacteria helps you maintain a healthy pH value and encourages the growth of a beneficial micro biome in your body.

The bacteria in yoghurt prevents yeast infections and is great for maintaining overall vaginal health. It is highly recommended for us, especially women to take a small cup of unsweetened yoghurt every day to give your body a boost of good bacteria. Don't eat yoghurt with added sugar because this can actually encourage candida growth leading to yeast infection.

2. Eat smart

This entails knowing the foods to avoid. Those that can increase your risk of getting a yeast infection. Be informed that yeast occurs in processed sugars, gluten - based foods and grains. Stay away from meat and starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Also remember to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

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