Ghanaian action stars who lifted the image of Kumawood with their impeccable action skills

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In as much as every movie character can be given any random role in movies, there are specific roles which can be linked directly to each of them. Whenever you see their name as part of the cast in a movie, you get an impression about the nature of the movie.

Some characters are noted for comical roles, some are noted for the wicked roles, some just love acting as witches and for others, action is their first love.

This article is going to talk about some action characters in the Ghana Movie Industry who have stood out over time. They have proved beyond reasonable doubt that, they are perfect and wouldn't even need to read scripts when the job is laid right before them.

These men have contributed to entertaining Ghanaians through the exhibition of skills which appear easy than really are. They risk getting themselves hurt just to see Ghanaians smile behind the screens, and I think it is one of the most selfless acts a person can ever portray. Let us take a stroll through them below;

1. Andrew Ntul Mensah

He is popularly known as Scorpion and is perfect at displaying skills in martial arts. Ghanaians no more hear from him after he was shot on 10th September, 2020.

2. Marsvel Hoppe

This man is very serious in his movies and talk about wickedness combined with action, he's always right there.

3. Mark Osei

Popularly known as Cocoa, Mark Osei is still giving Ghanaians the best of action skits through his YouTube channel.

4. Elisha Okyere

You will think he is innocent till he beats the hell out of you. He is popularly known as Sub Zero by Ghanaians.

5. Walker B. Boateng

Walker is one of the guys who has also devoted his life to action in the Ghana Movie. This guy has got amazing skills.

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