A look into Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’s real-life occupation

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Connie ChiumeConnie Chiume has been gracing our screens for a long time, and it is her endearing ability to keep admirers glued to their screens that has propelled her to the level of fame she enjoys today. She is so talented that when there was a rumor that she was going to leave the program, fans of the show vowed to stop watching the show. This is a testament to her abilities. She is, without a shadow of a doubt, the reason why Gomara has such a significant fanbase.

Mzansi has developed a strong attachment to her gangster character on Gomora, and the producers simply cannot afford to miss an episode. At the beginning of the story, she is involved in some automobile hijacking activity. She later decides that she wants to start a new life as a Christian, but her past continues to hunt her down. She is an academic and smart, despite the fact that she is known for playing the role of the gangster grandmother actress that we all love to detest.

Connie Chiume: Image source @InstagramConnie Chiume: Image source @Instagram

Connie Chiume’s real-life occupation shocks Mzansi

The matriculation examination was taken by the actress in the Eastern Cape, and she passed it with high marks. Following the completion of her secondary education, Connie Chiume enrolled in a nursing assistant program. She participated in the training for a period of fewer than three months before making the transition to teaching. After receiving her degree in education in 1976, she began her career as a teacher in a secondary school in the vicinity. She then relocated to Israel in search of better opportunities.

Connie began her career as an educator by taking a position at one of the international secondary schools in Israel. She spent ten years living overseas before realizing that acting was her true passion and pursuing a career in the field.

Connie ChiumeConnie Chiume: Image source @Instagram

She moved back to South Africa in 1986 and got her first acting job as Stella Moloi on the show Zone 14. She did a great job in her role on Zone 14, and since then, she's had a lot of big career wins. She is well-known in South Africa, but she is also becoming known around the world. Connie recently made news when she got a part in the international movie Black Panther.

Even though the actress makes a living as an actress, she still takes extra lessons in her own backyard. She likes to teach English and math when she has free time. A lot of the kids in her neighborhood come to her for extra lessons.

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