Opinion: 4 Qualities Ladies Want To See In Their Man


We all have our tastes and requirement when it comes to choosing our life partner. There are some qualities we will like to see before we decide to choose who our partner will be.

You shouldn't be surprised if you see a girl rejecting your proposal and then accepting another guy. This is because there are some qualities the guy possesses that suit her interest and which you probably didn't have.

There are some qualities women want to see in a man and as a man, you should try to have them if you want to easily get yourself a girl.

Dear men, below are 5 qualities ladies wang to see in their man.

1. A romantic guy.

Women find guys that are romantic more attractive and this is one of the qualities ladies want to see in a man. If you're the romantic type of guy, girls will always want to be close to you, and you won't find it hard to get yourself a girl. You can be romantic through your behaviors, by being nice and caring towards people around you.

2. A funny guy.

That is why you will see a funny guy getting a girl's attention easily without stressing himself. All he has to do is just try to make the girl laugh and then, boom, he already has the girl on his side. All girls like a funny guys and they find them irresistible. Being funny alone can make you win a girl over since it is one of the things ladies want to see in a man.

3. A guy that has a good look.

If you are good-looking, girls will always rush you and won't give you stress if you ask them out. Having a Good look is one of the things girls desire to see in a man and a guy that has it will have fewer issues regarding winning a girl over.

4. A guy that is not stingy.

If you're the stingy type, girls will always want to ignore you and you will even find it hard to see a girl that will want to be with you. It is even hard for some guys to spend money on their body not to talk about spending on a girl. No girl wants to stay with a guy that doesn't know how to spend on them and if you think you can't spend on a girl, you will find it hard to get yourself a girl. 

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