Ghana's Problems Didn't Begin With Akufo-Addo- Raymond Ablorh

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Raymond Ablorh, a journalist and former Communications Manager at Airtel Ghana has asserted that Ghana's problems didn't begin with Akufo-Addo just as they didn't begin with Mahama. He remarked that many people thought that by curing the Presidency of Mahama they've solved Ghana's problems.

In a post shared on Friday, 5th August 2022, added that here we're with Ghana's problems grown in proportion. 

"Those in power knew the truth that Mahama wasn't the problem. A lot of intellectuals who followed them knew this truth too. But, they knew they're a lot ignoramuses ready to help them obtain their parochial interest. That's all what happened." He added.

Otherwise, those Red Friday and Occupy Ghana and Let My Vote Count supporters and demonstrators aren't too stupid to know that the people of SALL's votes must count with all the education they have. He argued.

Raymond quizzed that aren't they the people teaching us constitutional law on social media?

He alleged that some of them are holding government positions today seeing nothing wrong with worse of what they condemned in opposition.

"I remember the Occupy Ghana leader who presented their petition to Government, speaking as if Lake Bosumtwe sat in his mouth. Isn't he an appointee of Government today?

This is our reality and the reason many people don't like to join civil actions today. But, we all shall pay for it." Raymond Ablorh concluded.

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