Why Teachers Who Have Not Submitted Their Tpads Are In for a Surprise Ahead of Next Week's Deadline

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The Teachers Service Commission has brought some changes that have rattled teachers.Just before the commencement of the implementation of the CPG scheme of service,the teachers union Knut vehemently opposed the scheme of service.This led to sharp divisions between the union officials and the Commission.

The submission of teachers details through the Tpad tool has been tiresome to majority of the teachers.The portal is normally opened at the beginning of the term and closed at the end of the term.Unfortunately,some teachers still end up being left out by the deadline.

The deadline for the submissions is fast approaching for the teachers.However,some teachers who have not submitted their Tpads are now in for a surprise.The teachers have started getting it hard to login to the TSC portal.During the day,it is very difficult for the teachers to login.Majority have started trying it at night.This is when it goes through.The teachers who are yet to begin the submissions are in for a surprise.They should try not to be left out by the deadline which is coming next week.

For those who may be left out of the deadline,it will be unfortunate.TSC do punish such teachers who fail to obey them.Show cause letters are normally sent to them to explain why.

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