Simon from Scandal puts shame on a girl he met at a club, "I didn't even enjoy the one night stand"


- Simo from Scandal as we may all know has been on headlines, After the incident that occurred at a night club. We all know what night clubs are.

- Celebrities are known to spend there time at night clubs, Because obviously they have a lot of money. And in that they are bound to find someone they can spend their time with in this night clubs.

- Simo from Scandal found himself in a similar situation, after he met a girl named @nessa hashy on Instagram. The girl seemed to have catch feelings after spending her time with Simo. But to Simo he wasn't feeling the same way.

So Simo immediately deleted and blocked @nessa hashy's number and ghosted her. @nessa didn't give up and decided to go to his Instagram page and the following response ruined her.

Simo told her that he didn't want anything to do with her and that she should leave him alone. This made @nessa out of frustration to expose Simo out of the public to show what kind of a person he truly is.

Here are some screenshots @nessa shared on social media:

People had mixed reactions on the situation and decided to point out there opinions on the matter. Some say Simo should have gone out with the girl. Some say Simo is a bad person.

Here are some screenshots of people pointing out there opinions on the matter:

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