"Rudini Nyuma Ya Tent Tuongee," Ben Githae Sends Message To Jemutai And Prof Hamo


Musician Ben Got has also added weight to the now trending issue concerning two comedians Proff Hamo and Jemutai.Both are famed for their roles in the Churchill show which brought them to the limelight.

In his message posted on his social media page,Ben Githae said, "To my two friends Jemu and Hamo, experience is the best teacher,I was once here and I can tell you it won't work that way.Rudini Nyuma ya tent then come back here, If you want to solve it here it will just escalate and blow out of proportion.Rudini nyuma ya tent.

This was just part of an advice to the couple as he was telling the couple to look for other means of solving their problems instead of putting them out in the open.Behind the tent means in a closed door meeting between two adults.

Ben Githae will be remembered for the "Tano tena" hit song where he praised Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee administration urging Kenyans to give them a second chance.

It is not yet clear whether the Proff Hamo and Jemutai story is a real happening or they are doing it for clout chase.Anyway time will tell.

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