Sad Video Of A Lady Being Harassed On The Streets Of Saudi Arabia Surfaces


Several videos and pictures have surfaced on media about ladies being harassed in Saudi Arabia. Most of these ladies went to Saudi Arabia to look for jobs after life becoming hard in Kenya. Little did they know that life was not going to be as per their expectations. On arrival, most of them have been harassed by their bosses to an extent of some being murdered. 

As this happens, there is a sad video that has just surfaced on media about a lady being mistreated on the streets of Saudi Arabia. The lady is seen carrying a plastic teen approaching her boss. She reaches her and kneels down crying with her face covered in pain.

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The lady who made her kneel appears to be forcing her to do something that she doesn't want. The worst thing is that this is happening in broad daylight as people pass driving heavy vehicles. The innocent lady seems to be overworked, baffered, mistreated and underfed.