I Will Never Surrender To The Junta Regime Of Gen Museveni Amidst Intimidation - Kizza Besigye

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The leader of newly launched People’s Front for Transition and pressure group Kizza Besigye has come out say that he will never surrender to the junta regime of General Museveni amidst intimidation.

The four times presidential runner remarks came while appearing for an interview at one of the television stations in Uganda.

The controversial opposition leader said that he is now out fighting in ensuring that Uganda is liberated from the hands of the dictatorship regime.

Dr Kizza Besigye said that even though his critics are criticising his efforrs to bring the needed change in Uganda, he will never surrender because he wishes to stay in a free country one day.

The leader of the newly launched pressure group said that anyone who thinks that he is the best should come forward and lead the struggle to deposed president Museveni so that he may rest.

Besigye noted that said its a total shame that those people who are criticising him, fear, relaxed and are not willing help him in the struggle, but just go on to endure tortures, intimidations, arrests and tear gas of the Junta.

It is anticipated that the four times presidential runner is trying to work hard so that he can vie again in the 2026 elections.

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