Three PROFITABLE Agribusinesses that will earn you more than 20,000 shillings weekly

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1. Tomato farming: tomatoes are the main food spices in our homes that we can't do without for delicious meals. Tomatoes highly profitable since they attract huge profits per single crate. A single crate goes for around six thousand shillings and a quarter of land produces about fifteen crates on a weekly basis. Tomato production is however expensive as many pesticides are required during the production process. Farmers should consider establishing greenhouse for maximum productivity and profitability.

2. Poultry farming: it entails the process of rearing poultry such as chicken, turkey and guinea fowls for commercial purposes. Poultry are kept for egg and meat production. For maximum profits, one must consider large scale poultry farming with over five thousand birds. The increased egg prices are among the main factors behind the success of this business. If one harvests a thousand eggs daily then they are assured of over five thousand shillings returns after sells. Poultry farming is however hampered by the high cost of poultry feeds and deadly poultry diseases.

3. Vegetable growing: this entails large scale growing of vegetables such as cabbages, kales and capsicum for market purposes. Kales and cabbages are required in large amounts in boarding institutions and markets hence guaranteeing one with a steady market. Vegetables are usually harvested once per week so as to allow for regeneration of new leaves. A sack of kales goes for two thousand five hundred shillings and a quarter of land produces more than five sacks weekly. Vegetable farming should also be established in green houses so as to increase production.

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