Bobi Wine Resurfaces At Midnight, Sends This Message To The People Of Uganda Over His Struggles


Although the general election in Uganda ended some months ago, opposition leader Bobi Wine is still fighting on. He didn't concede defeat and as things seem to be, he may not concede it but instead, he may continue giving President Yoweri Museveni sleepless night until when he will achieve what he wants.

That is because after a short period of silence, Bobi Wine resurfaced at midnight with a strong message to the people of Uganda over his struggles. According to Bobi Wine himself, his struggle will end in victory for the people of Uganda.

Through his official twitter account, Bobi Wine claimed that taking on a dictator is nothing easy because ever since he started that journey, he has been facing plenty of bogus cases against him. That came after the Daily Monitor reporting that there was a woman seeking to evict Bobi Wine and his other 2,000 neighbors.

"Ever since I declared intentions to challenge Gen. Museveni last year, they've filed all manner of bogus cases against me in relation to everything I own. Busabala, Kamwokya and now Magere! Taking on a dictator is nothing easy, but I know it will end in victory for the PEOPLE." Tweeted Bobi Wine.


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