Man Harvests Bountiful Yam In Enugu

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Yams are Tuberous vegetables. They are edible. Yams can be cooked as porridge, or eaten with stew or red oil. Yams can be eaten as pounded yam consumed with soup.

This is a season where people harvest new yams. Some States in the country celebrates new yam festival.

 New yams are not supposed to be expensive because harvest helps to force down prices of food commodities. But, this year, new yam is very expensive.

However, despite the bountiful harvests of yam this year, new yams are not yet plenty in the markets even as prices of available ones is still on the high side. The prices of new yam from last year cannot be compared to the prices of yam this year.

Meanwhile, a picture of a fruitful yam surfaced on social media. It is clear that the soil was very fertile. The man who dug the yam too was very patient as the yam didn't cut during the time of harvest. The poster claimed that the yam was harvested in Enugu State.

Nigerian soil is very fruitful, from the North and across other parts of the country. 

The prices of food in the market today is very high. The prices of food have doubled and yam is not left out. If we go back to Agriculture, Nigeria will not lack food. 

Our soil is still good for planting. Let us reserve some space for farming.

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