Just In: What The Husband of Late Esther Wambui Who Was Brutal Killed Did at The Burial Of His Lover

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Cases of killings has been witnessed in our country and several families are mourning after losing their loved ones. Like in the river Yala, several families have started arranging burial ceremonies after identifying their loved ones.

According to the source, the husband of the late Esther Wambui who was brutally killed by unknown suspects attended the burial of his lover. It has been reported that, the Wambui's boyfriend and his family help the family of Wambui in making the burial ceremony successful. Furthermore, it has been reported that, the body of Wambui was today laid to rest at their house. Tears and sorrow was witnessed as the body of the late Wambui was laid to rest.

His boyfriend has been encouraged by DCI to report everyday in the headquarters as investigations continues.

This comes in after the body of Wambui was found dead near police station in a suitcase in Ruiru.

It is very painful and police officers should investigation as fast as possible to arrest all the suspects.

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