Mount Kenya People In Great Shock For The Loss of These Four Prominent Personalities in Four Months


The year 2020 and 2021 will forever remain in the memory of Kenyans because of covid 19 infections and numerous deaths that have been registered. However, Mount Kenya people have been hit hard than any other people due to the loss of their cherished secular musicians. This journey started with Mighty Salim who was known as the king of Mugiithi who succumbed due to kidney problems.

Even before Might Salim was forgotten, another seasoned gospel musician, Julia Lucy left the platform. This was a big blow because Julia Lucy started singing in the 1980s.

The angel of death never stopped at that point. In April he claimed the life of a celebrated secular musician from Kirinyaga. Muriithi John was known due to his love songs entitled " Uhiki wi Murio", "Nyau iriaga Mbia" and many more which emphasized the sweetness of marriage and love for the couples.

Albert Gacheru who is also a prominent musician from Mount Kenya has joined the World of the dead on Tuesday. What is happening to the musicians from Central? This is a big question that can't be answered. May they continue singing in the new world.