Popular Pastor Caught Sleeping With Women In His Church - Residents Threaten To Burn His Church


A Pastor resident in Takoradi known as Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong has been accused of sleeping with women in his church as direction. The name of the church is Elshadai Outreach Ministry International.

The recent one that caused the case to be reported to the Police when the Pastor slept with a woman called Regina. According to the woman, he husband introduced her to the church prior to their marriage. The Pastor then told the woman that for their marriage to last, he had to do a direction for him.

The pastor then sent her to a hotel room where they had sex, a day before their marriage. The Pastor then went on to officiate their marriage the next day. The pastor kept on having sex with the woman until he was caught and reported to the Police. Other woman then testified of how the Pastor has been have sex with them, and one actually claims she has a child with the Pastor, but he doesn't take care of the child.

The women said the direction of the pastor is to infuse his sperms in them and threatens them that they will die if they refuse. It is alleged in the town that the Pastor is divorced after his wife found out that he was having an affair with their house help. The residents threatened to burn down his church building the his licence with which he is pastoring the church is not revoked.   

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