Big Brother Naija S6 Housemate Queen, Reveals Reason Why She Cheated On Her Lebanese Boyfriend

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During a discussion between the Housemates, some persons had opened up about what they did that, they felt others should know about and Queen, was one of them.

The BBNaija housemate, Queen had narrated to Cross,a fellow housemate and her confidant, how she cheated on her boyfriend because she didn’t like his private part.

Recall that, queen had once said that, she was attracted to Cross and wouldn't mind being intimate with him because, she find him to possess the kind of features she wants in a man whereas, White money is her acting boyfriend but, she would get married to him.

Cross was among the few Persons in the house that was close to Queen so, she didn't give it a second thought. She shared her experience with her ex boyfriend with him.

In a conversation with Cross, the light-skinned housemate disclosed that she had a Lebanese boyfriend While she was still in school. And,it happened that, she already have a boyfriend back in school so,due to her new relationship with the Lebanese man, she quitted her school boyfriend relationship to focus on the foreigner.

Queen however noted that, the relationship didn't last because, of what she noticed in him and decided to cheat on the foreigner with her school boyfriend.

According to her, she found out that, the foreigner was uncircumcised. She added that,it was a gruesome sight and she didn't welcome it. To her,he wasn't a woman and she find it hard to believe that, even in this modern day,a man could decide to live uncircumcised. Men ought to be circumcised so, when she saw his private part,it was a turn off for her. She added that this made her dislike romps with him as she opted out to cheat on him with her school boyfriend who she broke up with a while ago.

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