Kumasi: Nurse who went missing found dead without tongue and fingers


-Police in Kwadaso have located the 25-year-old nurse who went missing on April1, 2021 in Kumasi.

- Anabelle Dua was discovered dead with parts of her body missing.

- She also had numerous marks on her body indicating that she had engaged in a serious struggle with her assailants.

After days of search, the Kwadaso Police found Dua’s lifeless body with missing fingers and tongue.

According to reports reaching YEN.com.gh, the 25-year-old Kwadaso Midwifery and Nursing College graduate nurse who went missing has been found dead.

Anabelle Dua's mortal remains were discovered with some parts missing, according to YEN.com.gh.

Dua vanished on April 1, 2021, after leaving her mother's butcher shop.

According to sources close to the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity, she left her mother's shop in the company of "strangers" who picked her up in their car.

That was the last time anyone saw her alive.

The Kwadaso Police Department discovered Dua's lifeless body with missing fingers and tongue after a days-long search.

She also had marks all over her body when she was discovered, according to YEN.com.gh, and her mortal remains were reportedly deposited at a hospital awaiting an autopsy to aid in investigations.

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