Steve Ogolla Sparks Fireworks In Baba's Camp After He Allegedly Defended Uhuru From This Pressure


Once given an opportunity that should be utilized, Raila's camp has been dealt a big blow after this sad news from lawyer Steve Ogolla. Ogolla has left Raila Odinga's camp barefooted after alleging that President Uhuru gave them enough chance to extract political dividends from Mount Kenya.

However, Raila Odinga has been too busy uniting the nation with his brother President Uhuru Kenyatta. As we remain with few months to general elections there is looming betrayal in the deep state.

Steve Ogolla has advised the Raila's camp to stop their blame game to President Uhuru. The lawyer has requested the head of state to start reconciling with his deputy president William Ruto.

Ogolla said "Uhuru must not be pressured to endorse Raila. The handshake already provided the platform for Raila to extract political dividends in Mt. Kenya. If he didn't do so, it would be unfair to shift the blame to Uhuru. Secondly, Uhuru must keep the option of reconciling with Ruto open."

The political temperatures between Raila Odinga and DP Ruto should be calmed because they are raising unnecessary eyebrows while peasants Kenyans ravening in poverty. Indeed the head of state has sleepless and nightmares for the next choice of his endorsement.