Romantic❣️ Vibes 💞💏


No wonderful benefaction

More than the deep affection

That will never be on flexion.

Typically is from perfection

Exclude it from option

A pillar we build

To support our beautiful palace

Palace of love

Others gonna get no space

For our hearts are already in place

Place that no other will replace.

In my heart you belong

Staying together is what I long

For I know as one we strong

Flaws always emerge along

But we are more strong

Cheerfully we play

After we pray

And our hearts always slay

To those who need them for play

Coz they are close more than soil of clay

And for this, Love, my love giving you I wont delay

So calm is mind environment

No part to play is hilm

Coz in here your'e

Leading it to love world

Which I know not how it is

Though feeling the essence 

Of y**r deep affection

Pure calming universe 

Is where I feel in.

That kinda fist part carryn all flns

Sailling in a pool of predilection is I...

So sweet it is😘

Fantasy world only,

Is where am living.

Hoping and wrkn 2wards reality.

It's just a matter of time.

Living by it 'TIME WILL TELL'


LOL sweetheart ❣️💞❣️💋💝


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