Nigerian Artist Apologizes To Bolanle Over His Derogatory Statement On Her Marriage

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The marital crisis that is going on between Bolanle, and her husband, Lincon, has taken over the Nigerian internet space.

Lincon sent his wife out of her matrimonial home, and claimed she had been very violent.

Bolanle had a live video chat with BJ and her husband on Instagram. The conversation led to a quarrel between them.

After the live conversation on Instagram, she published some pictures and videos that showed how she was maltreated.

She posted them as evidence that she had been enduring domestic violence in her marriage.

However, before she posted the evidence, a Nigerian artist, known as Barry Jhay, had made a derogatory statements against Bolanle in a video.

He saw the evidence that showed how Bolanle was seriously battered.

The Nigerian Artist felt sorry for his derogatory statement. He went to his Instagram story to tender apologies to Bolanle and her fans.

He didn't know what had transpired between Bolanle and her husband.

That is why the issue between husband and wife is very delicate, people should be careful about what they say.

We can't make conclusions on issues related to marriage, especially when we don't have details from both parties.

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