Clover strikes, the milk supplies may be disrupted.

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There may be disruptions with the milk supplies if the current strike by Clover workers is protracted.

The General Industries Workers Union of South Africa(GIWUSA)reports“more than 2000 workers had a tooled down and left.”Clover expects members of the Food and Allied Workers Union(FAWU)to support the strike at the factories and plants on Tuesday.

Workers have rejected a final wage offer of 45% backdated to July.Clover reported and said they had an occurrence in place to calm the impact of the strike but warns the suppliers that there may be disrupted or disturbed.

Can clover be one of the of the companies going down or falling?The world knows very well about the great products from clover, the thick and creamy tropical juice and the most famous world’s favorite milk.Not forgetting their thick and soft cheese.Slices and the thick cheddar.

The country and most probably the whole world might have a Christmas terror if Clover decides to shut down due to their strike.

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