See 7 Medically Proven Facts About Women Who Do Abortion

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A medical abortion is successful when the pregnancy stops developing and there is no need for additional medical care.

Research has shown that 99.5 % of the women who do a medical abortion in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy with mifepristone and misoprostol will have an abortion that ends the pregnancy.

In some circumstances, the woman may be under pressure from her partner, family members, healthcare providers or others to have an abortion. Unmarried adolescents, women in abusive relationships and women living with HIV may be particularly vulnerable to such pressure.

Seven medically proven facts on Abortion:

1) Up to 1 in 10 women will develop an infection after an abortion, which is usually mild and treatable with antibiotics.

2) Untreated infections could develop into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

3) 1 in 100 women who have a surgical termination will have some damage to the cervix, the risk is higher for later term pregnancy terminations.

4) 1 in 1000 women will have some damage to the womb during a surgical abortion, the risk is higher for late abortions and lower for early surgical abortions.

5) 1 in 1000 women will have severe blood loss after a first trimester abortion.

6) 4 in 1000 women will experience severe blood loss if the abortion is performed after 20 weeks for medical reasons.

7) Less than 1 in 100 pregnancy terminations won’t complete the abortion, so further treatment will be required to end the pregnancy. 

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