Tears of Joy as Missing 12-Year-Old Girl is Finally Found Safe


A 12 year old girl by the name Stacy Wambui who mysteriously disappeared from her home in Zimmerman on Thursday has finally been found alive.

According to an update by Inooro TV, Stacy says a woman approached her and told her that she would buy potato chips for her.

Stacy suddenly started following the woman. They boarded a motorbike all the way to Kasarani where they had been staying in a lodging up to Saturday morning.

Luckily, Stacy regained her senses and managed to escape from the lodging at night. Fortunately, she met police officers and told them she had been kidnapped. She gave them her parent's phone numbers. Her parents were overjoyed after finally finding her at the police station.

Stacy was taken to the hospital for mental and physical examination since she looked so much traumatized at the time when she met the police officers.

So far, 5 cases of children disappearing mysteriously have been reported in Zimmerman.


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