Robert Alai Exposed By Kenyans After Posting Fake Information

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Robert Alai. Photo Courtesy

Robert Alai has today been exposed by Kenyans after posting fake information. The blogger thought he was making a powerful revelation when the post suddenly went south. Alai meant to expose former West Pokot deputy governor. Dr Nicholas Atudonyang came to news when he absconded his duties as deputy governor and went to USA. When he finally came back after 4 years he resigned to vie for governor.

Robert Alai shared documents allegedly showing that Atudonyang was still earning salary even after resigning. What Alai did not realize is that the names in the payslip did not match that of the former deputy governor. The payslip belonged to Mr Luka Kapoghlotwo.

Kenyans accused the blogger of posting information without doing due diligence. They asked Alai how he could fail to see that the names were different. It happens that Governor Lonyangapuo appointed a new deputy governor after the resignation of Dr Atudonyang. Below are sampled replies from Kenyans.

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