"Don't settle for anybody so that you can have Somebody" Diamond's ex Zari speaks up.

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Zari the Boss lady is a Ugandan, Socialite, Entrepreneur and Singer. Zari is currently a single mum and a mother of five children.

Zari was first married to a Ugandan Tycoon called the Late Ivan Don. Zari and Ivan sired three boys together. However Zari and Ivan seemed to have relationship wrangles and Zari decided to divorce Ivan and she started focusing on her life and her children's life.

Zari later on met with Diamond Platinum, one of the top Bongo artist on a plane and the two fell in love. Diamond introduced Zari to the World as his next girlfriend. This came at a time Diamond had separated with the Tanzania's top model Wema Sepetu.

Zari and Diamond sired two kids called Tiffah and Nilan. However Diamond cheated on Zari with another top Tanzania's Model called Hamisa Mobetto whom they even sired a baby boy called Dylan.

Zari became mad because Diamond betrayed their love and Zari decided to break up with Diamond. Zari has been a single mum since then. She lives with her children in Pretoria, South Africa. However Zari still coparents with Diamond.

Today Zari has gone ahead to give her fans some free advice. She advised those people who are single should be happy and should not be prompted to settle for anybody so that they can have somebody in their lives. See the photo she posted

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