'' Raila Will Not Serve Tycoons Interest If President'' Raila Junior Confirms

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Raila Junior has made it clear that his father will not be controlled nor listen to tycoons once he assumed office come the 2022 general. Junior is clear Odinga is not a yes person to listen or serve the tycoons who are backing him rather he would serve all equally.

Here is a video link, watch from 20 seconds: https://youtu.be/G-aYdDk4Pao

According to Raila Junior, Odinga is his own man and will not buy to pressure from tycoons once he assumed office come 2022. He is clear moving forward Odinga is the only man who will serve Kenyans equally and not the tycoons.

Responding to an NTV journalist, Raila Junior made it clear that tycoons can back Odinga but they must not expect a pay back. He is clear Odinga will rule this country in a way that everybody will be happy and enjoy the fruits of his government.

He is clear the people of Kenya must not worry that Odinga will be at the mercy of tycoons if president. Raila Junior is clear moving forward nothing will stop Odinga in his moves to lead this country to prosperity irrespective of the small challenges here and there.

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