Dear Couple, Here Are Awesome Reasons To stay Childfree


1 Think of all the finances.

Raising children is super expensive. Imagine the amount of money that goes into raising a child, that is apart from the entertainment and miscellaneous expenditures for the child. Having a child means you will either have to choose between having fancy house or raising a child who might turn out to be a brat.

2 You can sleep well.

No routine diaper-changing call at 2 am every night for two straight years. No pushing your partner to clean up the bedsheets because the little one had an accident last night. You can get proper sleep and even fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Life is much easier and comfortable when childfree.

3 You don't want to be a parent.

You are as cool as a couple can be but you just don't see yourself as a parent. Being a parent means being responsible for your household and kids. Trust me, childfree is awesome on it's own. Having a child is not an achievement, if there are other parts of your life that you need to work on, you do that first.

4 You can always be on the go.

If you are the kind of couple who work hard the entire week with the sweet prospect of a road trip to a nearby place during the weekend, which is not possible when you have a crying toddler who refused to get dressed, then in that case you cannot have the childfree regrets. One of the popular reasons for couples to not have a children is because they want to spend time traveling and not vetting the best preschool for their little ones. Without a baby on board, you can choose to travel when you want.