I Cheated On My Boyfriend Of Two Years With His Friend Not Knowing They Were Testing Me – Lady

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A girl immediately falls into a trap set by her boyfriend who is trying to test her loyalty.

Therefore, the woman has an affair with the boyfriend, who is also interested in the experiment.

She says she went out with her boyfriend's friend just to get his girlfriend to show up at their hangout.

According to the young woman, who shared her story in a video posted online, she was uncomfortable at the moment but mustered up the courage to go home with him, since his girlfriend later didn't show up.

However, when they both got home, the guy, texted the girls boyfriend just to let him aware the he took his girlfriend home already.

Unknowingly that it was a plan between the girl's boyfriend and his friend. He was only hired to do a loyalty test for his friend's girlfriend.

But then, she fell for the trap as she agreed to have a bedroom affair with his boyfriend's friend.

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