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A gecko is a tiny nocturnal carnivorous animal with tenacious toes and big eyes. The tenacious toes aid its movement on vertical walls. A gecko can resemble a brownish or whitish colour. Geckos are usually ubiquitous around our homes and we often see them moving on upside down surfaces, holes and cracks. Their movement is necessitated by their appetite in consuming small insects like mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches. Seeing geckos moving along walls sometime can be an eyesore to stare at. If you've ever thought about getting rid of them, this article is meant for you. Let's read further and see how it works.

Making proper use of eggshells

As funny as it may seem, egg shells prove to be the most inexpensive and effective method in eliminating geckos. In order to use eggshells, you'll first have to break them to strictly two halves. Then identify gecko pathway areas like around cracks, on door entrances and along window edges. You'll simply just place the broken eggs together in two halves. When geckos see the broken shells, they'll mistake them for predators and shy away. The only assignment that will be left at your disposal at this point is to keep replacing the shells for two to three weeks to ensure they're always fresh.

Use of an onion

Onions are endowed with irritants that doesn't go down well with geckos. Infact, these irritants drive them away. To use onions, first simply identify the gecko hanging spots. Their hanging spots could be hidden corners or entryways to the outside environment. Then cut the onion into two slices. Simply place each slice at the gecko's strategic roaming areas. The onion irritants would finish your task from there onwards by keeps them at bay.

Use of garlic

The strong odour that garlic contains is what makes it effective in driving geckos out of sight. To use them, simply place garlic withing the gecko enclosures or within their hideouts. You can Also place them within their entryways from the outdoor environments. Garlic acts as their repellent.

Use of mothballs

A mothball is a small sized ball specifically made of a pesticide. They're usually placed in strategic places to mainly drive away cockroaches and other unwanted insects. They drive away these insects due to their repelling properties. The same repelling properties will aid in driving the geckos away. The mothballs should be placed under refrigerators, at water sinks or any other places deemed to be gecko's habitat.

Use of pepper

The irritation brought about by pepper to human beings is the same one to geckos. Therefore, mix completely some pepper and water in a spray bottle. Spray your whole living space and especially areas believed to be dominated by geckos. The irritative effect will automatically drive them out of sight. Take note not to spray beyond standard limits as this may make your living space inhospitable for you instead of the geckos.

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