Mixed Reactions As Ada La Pinky Asked If Fans Will Choose A Day With Her or With Dangote


The social media always buzzes whenever one of their celebrity updates his or her account with any new post, and the fans don't always hesitate to react to the posts of their loved celebrity.

Some hours ago, one of the loved NigerianModel, Ada La Pinky asked a question on her Instagram page, and got a lot of reactions from her fans.

Photo credit: Instagram - ada_la_pinky

The model with over three hundred thousand followers on her account, said in her words "A day with me or a day with Dangote who would you want to see?? Choose me o"

Photo credit: Instagram - ada_la_pinky

Below are the reactions from her fans

Photo credit: Instagram - ada_la_pinky

We can say Ada La Pinky is not strange to most of us, and what would you be your choice, would you choose her over, Dangote, and what is the reason behind your choice? Drop your comments in the box below, like, follow, share, and Thanks for reading.

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