Mt. Kenya Residents: MCAs Be Ready To Go Home Come Next Year, Even Though You Passed BBI Bill


A section of residents in Tharaka Nithi county today openly pointed out that they were going to send their Members of county assembly (MCA) home come the next general election next year. The residents said that they were prepared to vote them out as they had not helped them in any way.

They pointed that they were selfish considering they passed the BBI bill after getting a car grant which they alleged was a form of bribery. They noted that they were not supporting the document because they were not ready to shoulder the burden of paying all the leaders that were going to get jobs.

They also said that some MCAs were not in touch with the common challenges they were going through and immediately they gave them an opportunity to lead them, they became unaccessible. The residents said that it was not right at all for the MCAs to decide for them the direction they were to take on matters of BBI.

Attached is a video link of the residents speaking:


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