If you think being a first born is the most difficult, try being a second born.


Remember when you didn't want to be either the first or last to face something, thinking the middle zone is always the safest place. A concise example is the situation where your class got punished. You are laughing because you have gotten the picture. In real life, first borns and last borns complain the most about the difficult of their positions, but the truth is second borns suffer the most. This might be contrary to the popular notion, but here are the reasons to support the claim.

Have you ever been in a position where you are neither an absolute leader nor an absolute follower, but you are a follower with leadership burdens? If first borns make noise about the expectations required of them, wonder who they delegate most of their responsibilities to. When they don't want to do something but want a clean job, it is now clear the obvious choice are second borns.

The saddest part is no one recognizes their efforts. When it is about goodies, expect calls to first borns or last borns. They get what everyone gets, but leads like the first born and works like the last born. Always they oscillate between provisional leader and follower. Yet, they are the least people to talk about how difficult their situations are. That's how society has designed the family system. We are the only ones who know what we are going through, since no one cares.

If you think you are burdened being the first born, try being a second born.

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