Moses Kuria's Cry Over Power Blackout In Polling Stations Juja Sparks Mixed Reactions Online


As by-elections go on in Junja constituency, its alleged that many stations are having electricity problems. While taking to his Facebook account, Kuria has urged Ps Njoroge to act with immediate effects. However,people are for different opinion

With one netizen believing that there are many ways of playing politics.And that might be one way to make it through to the parliament.Could this be the reason? Time will tell.

Another one by the name kipkoech Rooney believes that kuria is playing victim as the winner is already known.I quote him,"Always the winner of by elections comes from the family of the late mp,that is the truth in Kenya,sympathy votes always.Unless junja change that narrative "..

Another one by the name Timothy Sei believes that Kuria is wasting time being a tangatanga follower and thus he should be in government's side to win.with Amoh Demajoh believing that system and deep state are at work to sabotage their competitors.

What is your take though?Leave a comment below.


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