Manzi Wa Kibera Publicly Begs Babu Owino to Be Her Video Vixen in Her Upcoming Song.

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One of the most upcoming socialite Manzi Wa Kibera, has took her Instagram page, to publicly beg Babu Owino, who is the member of parliament of Embakasi, to be her video vixen in her upcoming song. Manzi Wa Kibera told Babu Owino that, she had him saying if anyone wants a vixen, he or she can just message him via Instagram and he will come and do the video with them.

Here is the screenshot of what Manzi Wa Kibera told Babu Owino.

She went ahead to ask him how much Babu Owino charges to be a video vixen in a song. Though Babu Owino hasn't responded back to the message, but the power of social media will make him see the message from this girl.

Remember Babu Owino was a video vixen in Bahati's song featuring Prince Indah, he was among the celebrities who made that song to go viral and hit millions of views in few days. We hope all shall go well and Babu Owino will be a vixen in Manzi Wa Kibera's song.

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