Why BBI Will Determine the Next President Come 2022


BBI has been a topic of discussion since the famous handshake occurred in March 2018. However there is a possibility of an agreement which was to ensure that the incumbent still enjoys some power being that he is still young and the big four agenda has not yet been completed. To achieve this mission, a tactical strategy had to be applied. These were the strategy for the BBI initiative.

1. The BBI initiative has included the concept of seven year term presidency, however there is a possibility that if you were a president in the five term limit you may be eligible to vie. This is a hidden concept that very few are seeing and there is high chances the incumbent may vie in 2022. Hence the 2022 politics will surprise many as the least expected may occur.

2. To ensure that the political temperatures cooled after the disputed 2017 elections, a strategy was to be developed to ensure that the plans for the incumbent is achieved through inclusion of the opposition. Hence it will be very hard for the incumbent to just allow the fruits of BBI being enjoyed by the rebels who have consistently criticised the BBI initiative. Hence do not be surprised if the incumbent maintains in 2022 for seven years.

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