3 Main clear signs she is using you


1.You pay all her bills

Everytime you two go out,you end up paying everything.You always pick up the tab when you go on a date.If you go shopping,you pay for her clothes.Whenever you go on trips ,you pay for the tickets and lodging.She even asks you to pay her phones bills by giving you lame excuses.When it is ok to pay for your girlfriend sometimes,you should remember that a relationship is partnership,and the two of you should be on equal footing,If you have been paying all her bills untill now,it is clear indicator she is using you for your money.

2.When she comes to you only when she needs help

She completely blows you off when she is doing well,she ignores your texts and calls,insults you,or is rude to you.Even when she is free ,she doesn't show much interest in meeting you and tells you she needs her space.However,whenever she needs anything,her behavior, compliments you ,and tries to sweet-talk you.

3.She does everything on her terms

A girl who is using you would do something on her terms.She would discard your opinions because you are a means to an end.She would do things that make her happy without caring for your happiness.If she wants to go to a particular place for dinner,she will demand to go there.All your date or outings will be according to her choice.If you already have something planned,but she wants to go out with her friends,she will ditch you or persuade you to give in to her demands.

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