Meet The Man Born With a 'Spiritual' Tail

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Chandre Oram. (Getty)

Chandre Oram lives in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. He is an Indian tea estate worker.

He is known for having a 33 cm tail. He has therefore been taken as an object of devotion, with many believing he is an incarcerated Hanuman, a deity related to monkeys.

Oram was born on Rama Navami, a bithdate for renown king Rama, who is an incarnation of Vishnu.

From Ramayana reports, Hanuman was debited to Rama, helping in the rescue of his wife Sita, who had been in captivity from an evil king.

Oram has welcomed many who come for blessings.from him, with some reportedly receiving healing by touching the tail. He has monkey behavior like climbing trees and taking bananas.

But doctors on the other hand deny it is a real tail. They argue that it is a congenital deformation known as spina fibida.

The tail is planted in the lumbar region, a clear indication that it resulted from a spilt spine. It measures 13 inches and 1 inch thick, and is much hair.

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