Wonders shall never end a local pastor Mukhuba was arrested for church noise complaints.


A clip of a local pastor Mukhuba getting arrested and put in the back of a police van has been share online. It is alleged that the pastor was arrested because her Church service on Sunday violated noise regulation. Many South African headed to the comment section where they shared their thought about the pastor's arrest.

President made everything clear about covid_19 regulations that need to be followed when inside the church, there is a certain number of people that are allowed to be inside, and everyone should wear a mask as well create a social distancing, but it seems the pastor's church was over the covid_19 regulations that why he was arrested.

The video was posted on Twitter but some people make a joke about it, "why doesn't she call fire for them".So they arrested her for making noise with the church while they cannot arrest Bushiri for defrauding his congreagants, they couldn't arrest Alph Lukau for his deciet of allegedly, " raising a dead man in a coffin just before he was buried."South African law enforcement works in their own way.

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